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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  December 2, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CST

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a hike in the minimum wage in chicago is up for a vote before the city council today. a homeowner shares his story after he is awakened by a taxi cab crashing into his bedroom. police body cameras are coming to chicago. why they're being federally funded, and how the cameras could help officers on the street. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m.* >> we all have a purple been going on today. i don't know if we subconsciously agreed to that. >> everyone called the chair. tomorrow is a purple
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day. that we did at 2:00 a.m.. >> let's talk about temperatures today. potentially were getting warmer. that is relative because it's colder than normal but warmer for us is just a cooler than before. and garlic is 20 degrees. wind is light out of the north and northwest. we continue to see wind chill of 13 and bartlett. 13 in joliet. some light composite shows warm conditions today. no snow or rain. 33 decreased by 5:00. then the clock down to 31. mostly sunny skies are coming wednesday at 34 degrees. and others that we make 35. should i be happy or sad? warmer than it has been but colder than normal. >> it's right down the
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middle. say i am contributing to the whole hispanic line that the president during. we have some construction watch out for. this is where we have the closures there are rerouting the no. 8 ct a bus. we're close to seeing this pressure rep. we have bling can project that has been significant both north and south south bound we have lynn restrictions out there this should be done by friday. also included in the stretch at wells and webster. the should be some relief there by the end of the week. more hot spots on the roads coming up. >>we begin with breaking news: a wife and son of the leader of isis have been detained. abu bakr al-baghdadi is one the u-s most wanted men, with a 10 million dollar bounty to find and arrest him. several reports says his wife and son were detained in lebanon near the border with syria ten days ago. the associated press reports they were using fake identifications.
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al-baghdadi is still somewhat of a mystery man... and the wife may be just one of many. his militant group has waged war in large areas of iraq and syria, leading to airstrikes by the united states and other countries. the chicago city council is set to vote today on a plan to increase the minimum wage. it's a special meeting that was called specifically to address this issue. nancy loo is live at city hall with more. >> a full city council vote is expected sometime today after the ordinance passed in a committee meeting yesterday which stretched on for over three hours. proponents argue minimum- wage workers have deserved a higher rate for far too long. >> we need to face the fact that today's minimum wage leads working people with children in poverty. >> regular citizens needed a wage. looking at how the data jones has moved, the
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minimum wage has stayed flat. >> under the proposal, chicago's minimum wage would go from 8.25-$10 by june next year. then $13 per hour by 2019. the mayor is seeking reelection and he is eager to get the ordinance passed before lawmakers in springfield return for their final session to consider a more modest statewide minimum wage increase. the state plan is a raise of 80¢ per year for three years. a coalition of business leaders and aldermen called the state's gradual plan more reasonable. they add 8 $13 minimum wage could decimate many small businesses. >> forcing me to raise prices an additional 10%. i am from the south side and i don't know how much my customers, the customer's eyes served can stand. >> are jobs were never meant to support a family of four. we don't look at minimum wage will look at entry- level tried to bring as many
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people into the work force. >> the special city council session is set to start at 10:00 this morning. passage could set up to minimum wages in the state. 14 illinois and a far higher one in the city of chicago. live at city hall back to you. >>the search continues for a taxi cab driver who crashed into a house and ran away. the cab hit this home in glendale heights early yesterday morning. shawn grisch was asleep in bed, when the car came through the wall. a treadmill was thrown onto the bed, and some debris wound up on top of him. he's now hospitalized with several injuries. he says he saw the driver look at him, before he took off. >> eyes to help me because i could not move my legs, they were under the treadmill and he just sat there and did nothing. >>the taxi cab was not
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reported stolen, but police say they found alcohol inside. a cab dispatcher tells us he received a text from the driver an hour after the accident. the text said, "i was beaten up and robbed." there's been no sign of him since. new information is emerging, in the deadly black-friday shooting of a nordstrom's store clerk. nadia ezaldien was laid to rest yesterday. she was gunned down by her ex-boyfriend, before he took his own life. chicago police now confirm that marcus dee was the son of two city police officers. and he once held a valid firearms owner i.d. card. nadia's family says dee was abusive and intimidating, even after the couple split up a year ago. but nadia never showed up in court to pursue an order of protection issued against dee, because she was too afraid of him. in about two months, the chicago police department will begin testing body cameras on its officers. the move follows a growing national trend... and comes amid greater police scrutiny after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man in ferguson, missouri.
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the cameras are about the size of a pager and are intended to capture an officer's interaction. the new technology is backed by groups from the a- c-l-u, and the state n- double-a-c-p... to the union that represents police officers. >> if you picture doing it on a large scale in a city like this it will be a big issue moving forward so we have to get it right from the beginning. >> from the white house. president obama pledged $263 million to help local departments gear up. he's also weighing an executive order to track weapons and gear the federal government sends to police departments nationwide. new chicago crime statistics i former city comptroller has been sentenced to prison court of public corruption scheme. when he was deputy state treasurer of ohio he took part of the $3 million kickback scheme. he pled guilty but then used doctored a passport to skip the country. he's believed to be in pakistan. american authorities will try to extradite him back home to serve his sentence.
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>>for nearly 60 years... one couple from the cleveland suburbs has been turning their home into a winter wonderland. 85-year-old betty ficke said it all started with this one miniature house. now she and her husband spend about 2 weeks each christmas season... setting up this winter village. the village is made up of about 200 homes... some with lights.... some with moving parts. plus all types of figurines... and plenty of santas of course. looking good. isn't that your home town demetrius? >> that is my home town. it's no so much there's nothing to do outside to just bring all your decorations inside. let's take a look at our de. temperatures are born to warm up. 27 degrees right now in waukegan. evanston is a 26. 14 in union.
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satellite and radar showed no snow. expected to stay dry today. it's kind of a warm-up. warmer than it has been but cooler than normal. typically we make 40. today 35. 34 on wednesday. thursday for the bears game it's 35. friday and saturday will board up highs reached the low '40's. and they stay there for next week. >> coming up new details on the federal investigation into the michael brown shooting. >> and to the st. louis rams really apologized for the gesture their players made? one side is saying they did not. >> and new developments into what happened with that republican staffer who lashed out against the obama girls. details coming up.
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as president obama called for a continuing conversation about race in amerca, attorney general eric holder said his federal investigation into the shooting of michael brown is still going on. andrew spencer is following the developments. >> no probable cause was found to indict him on criminal charges but the u.s. attorney general says the federal government has not come to the same conclusion. >> the justice department investigation into the shooting death as well as our investigation into
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allegations of unconstitutional police patterns or practice by the ferguson police department remained on going and remains active. >> his speech in the lento followed a meeting with local officials. all part of a series of conversations he plans to have nationwide. >> in the months since this occurred, it sparked a significant national conversation about the need to ensure confidence in law enforcement and criminal justice. >> earlier on monday president called for a sustained conversation regarding the relationship between police and the communities they protect. >>five saint louis rams players are denying a claim that they've apologized to for staging their "hands up sunday's game. the n-f-l says the players won't be punished for what police say was an inflammatory gesture in the wake of the michael brown shooting in ferguson. the players said it was just a show of solidarity with the ferguson
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protesters... and the team says it wasn't meant as a slap against the police. among the lingering protests over the ferguson shooting, some people walked off their jobs... out of class... and even out of city council meetings is cities across the country. these protesters at state and jackson said they want to raise awareness of issues facing african americans, and their conflict with police departments. terrorists have killed dozens of people in kenya, for not being muslim. the attack happened at a quarry in the village of mandera. at least 36-people were killed. al-shabaab fighters rounded up the workers and freed the muslims. warning members of the military about a potential isis threat on u-s soil. an f-b-i and department of homeland security bulletin says isis is looking to recruit like-minded individuals in the u-s, for terror strikes on soldiers. service members are being told to review their social media presence, and remove any information that might attract violent extremists. a congressional aide who insulted the first daughters on social media has resigned. elizabeth lauten stepped down as communications director for republican representative steve fincher of tennessee
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yesterday. there was public pressure for her to do so, after she called sasha and malia obama "classless" for what they wore at the national turkey pardoning. lauten wrote on facebook that they should dress like they deserve respect, not a spot at a bar. she later apologized. lauten has ties to illinois ... she was once the press secretary for former congressman joe walsh. remember last winter's bitter cold? surprisingly.. scientists say 20-14 is shaping up to be the *hottest year on record on the planet. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says the average temperature was more than one degree hotter this year. and october was globally the hottest month on record. but despite these highs... there's a reason why you're bundling up here in chicago. the midwest- continues to be the cold spot on the map. the average temperature was below the 20th century average. >> we still have a few more days to fill an. >> and remember, as warm as sweeper early this year or
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last winter, as cold as it were i mean, it was still warmer than the alaska would have all that problems with the i's melting. to remember, that's a global temperature not local. global. the temperatures were warm everywhere. wind out of south east at 6 mi.. it's 26 degrees in waukegan, 20 in joliet. 14 in the cal. eat-in the moors. light wind early this morning around 5 mi. coming in from the north. temperatures will rebound. but not yet. only six degrees in dekalb. 20 at the lakefront. 19 in lansing. satellites composite shows we are dry. try to day and night. parley said the conditions, it would feel like 25. the mercury will reach 35. warmer than what we have seen the still colder than normal. tonight, clouds will break up slowly. low temperature falling 24 degrees. tomorrow and
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wednesday we're back up to 34. we get more of that on thursday for thursday's high 35 degrees. >> starting with a few things on the roads. we have a new accident on the eisenhower being reported at first avenue causing a bit of a backup through the area. will let you know if it gets worse in the next few minutes. and it looks like we have the ongoing road work for people in bound on the kennedy beginning of lawrence. that will take out the far left lane for another 40 minutes. those of hot spots on the roads. another of state street ahead. >> you may have noticed gas prices have dropped a lot. experts say could get even lower. >> and j. cutler and the bears try to get over their disaster in detroit and prepare for the cowboys on thursday. >> our mr. bright side segment returns today. have you can help the very special 19 year-old in
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illinois get off to college. >>
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>> good morning. we will see what kind of effort the bears can dredge up. not
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much to play for unless you are in a contract or if you are a coach. i would think the response of the players will matter after what the stock looks like next year. front and center monday the conversation was about the lack of balance in the bears' offense. a caller through 30 times against detroit. the bears handed off only seven times for 14 yds. the lions are a great run the but seven times in a whole game? >> last game, it started off and we had a lot of short passes which would be an extension of the running game and then we eased into it. but we just didn't have it. >> one of the things we have to do is to attempt to run at the baltimore. we don't need to run it for 7 yds a carry, running the football has a residual effect on many different things. it helps your movement and your play action and it does all
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that it gives you the chance to come up. we know these things. we are going to try to do more of that. it's something we want to do each week. we didn't get it done last week we admit to that and we have to move forward. >> the blackhawks have practiced this morning a head of a huge game against the blues. monday night, there were part of our blackhawks live game, still feeling the glow of the five and one trip. 10 points of a possible 12. that's pretty good. things might be even tougher this week. >> it was a good way to finish that trip back to back. the way we played, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. we definitely controlled the play and play the way we wanted to. but its two games, you look at this week it's not on the road, but
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we've got the best team in the east coming in endicott st. louis and nashville, it never gets easy. >> the hawks and the blues on wednesday, and tonight, it's the bulls and the dallas mavericks. >>in monday night football, the miami dolphins hang on to beat the new york jets 16 to 13 with a winning field goal in the final two minutes. stocks had a disappointing cyber monday. the dow dropped 51 points. nasdaq fell 64. s-and-p down 14. americans will get a nice holiday surprise this year--dropping gas prices. gas prices continue to fall because of plummeting oil prices.. their down 40-percent since june due to an excess in supply. as of monday, the national average of a gallon of regular gas was 2-dollars- and-77-cents. that's expected to drop to 2-dollars-and-50 cents, with some parts of the country dipping below 2- bucks a gallon.
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the f-b-i is warning businesses of a new malicious software being used against the u-s. experts say it's the same malicious software that was used earlier this week against sony pictures... leaking several un-released films and crashing their systems. the feds say the malware overrides *all data on a computers hard drive, including the master record, so it's impossible to recover. this is the first major cyber attack against companies on u-s soil. amazon got help with this years cyber monday demands from an army of robots. 15-thousand kiva robots used sensors to locate products on shelves and deliver them to packaging stations... way more efficient than having human retrieve things. the "robotic elfs" cut the process time from hours to just 30 minutes. they also allowed 50% more inventory in the warehouse. amazon says customers ordered 426 items every second on cyber monday... more then 36.8 million items globally.
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>> i need one of those at home. >> it's just a matter of time until we are replaced by the anchor robots. >> they say it has already happened. you'll never know. let's take a look at our day is going to be. 20 degrees right now. clouds and some are coming our way. by 5:00 p.m. we're down to 33. 9:00 p.m. we are up to 31. that's the forecast. >> taking a look at the in bound eisenhower, we have a crash initially from the outbound side we hear from emergency responders it's actually the in bound still taking out the far left lane. they are tending to that driver. a few spots of the construction of the jane addams and lingering construction on the kennedy. it will break it down for you coming up. >>there's more to come in our next half-hour.
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live with details on a minimum wage hike that will get a vote today. >> and hundreds of people in the suburbs with four hours to meet former president george bush. also, details on a plot that targeted major chicago landmarks including
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a hike in the minimum wage in chicago is up for vote before the city council today. >> cameras are coming to chicago. officers will be wearing them after the new year. >> a home owner talks about how he survived a taxicab crashing into his bedroom as he slept. >>good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm lourdes duarte. lots to talk about nationally. you'll get to the weather first. >> temperatures are going to warm up. but that's not good news. typically we are at 40. but yesterday we hit 25. today is better, 13 right now. 17 in streator, 15 in thailand lake. sublets composite shows we are dry. in between systems which
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means no rain or snow. we climb up to 32 degrees by noon. 5:00 p.m. down to 33. 35 for the high today. 10 degrees warmer than yesterday wednesday we're back with sunshine. thursday, cloud cover. friday and saturday another warm-up. high temperature reaching and staying in the low 40's. >> could update on the eisenhower, we had an accident in bound at first avenue, emergency responders remain on the scene blocking the left lane. but now we hear the on ramp is also partially blocked because of the response. could be a sluggish pocket for a while until this is cleared up. i. 57 has lingering work for commuters heading south bound from the merge. that will have the two right lanes out until 6:00. one and a half hours until that. numbers look good systemwide if you're heading out the door early it should pay off
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for you. >> following breaking news, it wife and son of a leader of isis has been detained. >> the fugitive with a 10 million-dollar bounty on his head, several reports say his wife and son were picked up 10 days ago in lebanon near the border. the seceded press says the were carrying fake id's. he remains something of a mystery and it's not clear which of his wives may have been picked up because they believe he does have several of them. under his leadership they have seized control of large areas of iraq and syria lead to air strikes from the u.s. and other countries. analysts say the u.s. could be used as a bargaining chip against isis' for hostages. >>the chicago city council is set to vote today on a plan to increase the minimum wage. it's a special meeting that was called specifically to address this issue. nancy loo is live at city hall with more. >> a full city council vote
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is expected sometime during today's special session. the proposal passed yesterday in a committee meeting was stretched on for more than three hours. proponents argue minimum-wage workers have deserved a higher rate for far too long. >> we need to face the fact that today's minimum-wage leaves working people with children and poverty. >> a regular citizens need to wait. we're not looking at the dow jones, it has moved up in the last eight years, but the minimum wage has stayed flat. >> under the proposal, chicagos minimum wage would jump from 8.25 per hour up to $10 by june next year and then $13 per hour by 2019. the mayor is seeking reelection and he is eager to get the ordinance passed before lawmakers in springfield return for their final session to consider a more modest statewide minimum wage increase. the
4:33 am
state plan would mean a raise of 80¢ per year for three years. a coalition of business leaders and alderman called the state's gradual plan more reasonable adding a $13 minimum wage could decimate many small businesses. >> forcing me to raise prices an additional 10%. i am from the south side and i don't know how much my customers can stand. >> our jobs were never meant to support a family of four. we don't look at minimum wage, we look at entry-level and bringing people into the work force. >> the special city council session is set to start at 10:00. passage could set up to a different minimum wages in illinois. one for the state and a far higher rate in chicago come next year. >>taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. police are still looking for
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the cab driver who crashed into a house in glendale heights. the crash destroyed a bedroom and put the homeowner in the hospital. the victim says the driver saw him under the debris before he ran away. the cab was not reported stolen, but police say they found alcohol inside. attorney general eric holder says his federal investigation into the michael brown shooting won't necessarily reach the same conclusion as the grand jury that refused to indict officer darren wilson in brown's death. holder says the ongoing investigation is examining the broader question of policing patterns, and possible racial profiling by police. in about two months, the chicago police department will begin testing body cameras on its officers. the cameras are about the size of a pager and are intended to capture an officer's interaction. the new technology is backed by groups from the a- c-l-u, and the state n- double-a-c-p... to the union that represents police officers. a man from glenview is arrested on child pornpolice say 24-year-old demetrius
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patton hacked into area computers to steal photos and threatened to post them on the internet... if his victims didn't send him more. he's charged with two counts of soliciting child pornography and 3 counts of felony intimidation. mc-henry county's new sheriff says his budget could lead to dozens of job cuts. bill prim was sworn in as sheriff yesterday. he says budget constraints may force him to cut up to 40 county jail jobs and leave 17 jobs vacant. prim says non-essential civilian and administrative positions will be eliminated. he's blaming the county budget and the county's contract with the federal government to house immigration detainees. former president george w. bush made a stop in naperville to sign copies of his new book. hundreds of people lined up outside anderson's bookshop yesterday afternoon for a chance to meet the president, including a baby wrapped in an american flag blanket ... who got extra attention. bush wrote a biography about his father, former president george h-w bush. it's called "41: a portrait of my father". the elder bush has joked that if the book doesn't do well, he will ground his
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son. chicago's official christmas tree was switched on, last week. and now, cook *county's* official tree is all lit up for the holiday season. that was county board president toni preckwinkle, doing the honors yesterday at the county building. w-g-n's bob jordan was the master of ceremonies. the tree is full of lights, and some handmade ornaments. the crowd was entertained by a christmas choir. a man suspected of stealing a car in california got creative when police cornered him. the man in the stolen b-m-w had no where else to go after he got caught in traffic following a high- speed chase in los angeles yesterday. so, he jumped out of the car and took off on a skateboard. he didn't want to lose it so he carried it with him. he
4:37 am
gets some help there. >> he is really trying! >> he made the choice this keyboard was a working but he decided to take it with him as he was running away. >> these people just can't do it. news helicopters followed as police ran after him. it ended when the driver of a pick-up truck cut the man off ... allowing police to catch up to him. he was arrested without further incident. charges are pending. >> i like how he was trying to have good form as a skateboard. >> it was like his first time on that. >> here is the current reading. wind of the south of 6 mi. southeast. two. temperatures at 14. elsewhere it's 25. 19 in lansing. 14 in the cal. we are expecting our numbers to rise a bit to the mid 30's. mid-20s yesterday so we
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factor in that the wind and we are feeling more like 13. 16 in waukegan. 12 at o'hare. some light composite shows dry conditions. not expecting any snow or rain. we're in between systems with a weak front coming tonight. that will change things just a bit into tonight. today's high in the low '30's. 33 by 5:00 p.m.. the official high in the books is 35 feeling more like 25 when factor in the wind. tonight, clouds on the decrease. not as cold tonight. are we make 34. we can't expect sunshine wednesday. thursday, cloud cover but that's it. 35 for the high. we will have temperatures going up for the upcoming weekend coming up. >> still ahead, a new study revealed alarming information about kids and head injuries in sports. >> and we have another of mr. bright side story. find out how you could help a
4:39 am
woman and chief her dream of going to college. >> and more fallout for bill cosby. we have more information about what he had to do next.
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new medical research concludes that young football players may be damaging their brains... even if they don't suffer concussions. researchers at wake forest baptist medical center outfitted 24 players with helmet-mounted sensors, and measured their brain waves. they said, players who bump heads more often, display more changes in their brain waves. the scientists have yet to determine whether those changes are permanent or temporary. scooters like this one top the list of dangerous toys for children. injuries caused by scooters went up 40-percent, from 1990 to 2011. there were 52-thousand accidents, and one death, last year. falls were the most common incidents, followed by collisions. parents are advised to have their children wear protective gear when they ride. if you're on your feet all day with the holiday rush... you may find yourself with a headache or leg cramp when it's time to turn in. for some... acupressure can provide relief. the theory is when you put
4:43 am
pressure on key points of the body... you release tension in other parts. you can find relief for leg cramps by biting your lower lip. for a headache, press your thumb down in the space on the back of your hand... between your thumb and index finger. >> if a sound comes that you are in trouble. >> i don't know what to press for about one. do we go to demetrius? where do we go? are you talking? or is he talking? >> to take this shot again about the poinsettia allergy? check it out. look at that. isn't that nice? >> those are auctioned off everyday on ebay. >> they were given to the station for free were they? we are so fancy. let's take a look at our day. it's 13 degrees right now. union is
4:44 am
at 14. island lake in the teens as well. waukegan is at 24. st. matthias school reading in the mid-20s. around the region, we have some cloud cover. but no snow. a weak front across portions of the northern midwest that will drop into the region tonight and could increase the cloud cover and maybe bring some flurries but nothing significant. today we reached the mid- 30s. 33 by 5:00 p.m.. 9:00 p.m. down to 31. we're looking good in the seven days forecast. to warm up today. 35 degrees. tonight's slow down to 24. tomorrow, 34. thursday, 35. friday we make 40 degrees. anything is better than this. this is a time lapse of the snow in new york. keep watching. >> that is pretty cool.
4:45 am
>> i like the blue light. >> assured the people living there don't like it so much. but it does look cool on camera. >> top that! >> there's more! >> good thing is not going to snow here this year. >> we will be lucky to get 1 in. all year. marcus, can you do that? >> but now it's been done. >> are you mad because it didn't turn the cameras on? >> they will bui am all set. >> always the critic. i feel for your wife. let's take a look outside. we have an accident that is like a secondary accident on top of
4:46 am
the first. here is the original at first on in bound up to 90, and then a car hit the ambulance that was tending to the first guy. so now we have two crashes. right lane block along with the on ramp, so it's a bit of a mess on the inbound ike. both of gaper delay is. we have some lingering construction projects, the good news is its close to wrapping up on lincoln in both directions and the second stretch of lincoln between wells and webster that should finally be done by friday. we are expecting it to finish by the 10th. and in the fifth. also ongoing work at halsted and 31 which should be done by december 10th. it is impacting the cta bus there. >> good morning. >> our mr. bright said segment is back where we go find people in the community who need help and we try to help them. it's a lot of fun. we went down to
4:47 am
illinois to meet lauren and her friends and family. she is 19 years old and her dream is to go to college. >> in many ways, lauren is your typical teenager. >> to let her borrow your posters? >> edward and i are just so similar. >> in others, she is special. she has battled spinal muscular atrophy since she was a infant. she is a quadriplegic and depends on a ventilator. >> a originally they told us she would live to be two to three years old. but she's 19. >> she may have a body with a feeling muscle system, but her mind is there. >> even without her voice, this is very positional, but she doesn't have her voice she can talk with her eyes. i've never seen anybody go right and left with her eyes so well. isn't that
4:48 am
amazing? it's really good she can bathat those guys and get you. showroom what you are made of. >> there is a unique bond between this father and daughter, to get a big bowl, he cheered her on and she played on her softball team and he watched as she joined the choir. performing a solo in front of a packed house. >> she got a standing ovation. she was up on the stage in front of all those people to do her solo. it was a tearjerker. >> should also write e- mail, press the internet and even speak using this tablet. >> the technology for the computer, everything you and i do on the computer she to
4:49 am
do with her eyes. >> a young woman who spent the last few decades defying the odds, an inspiration and a lot of fun to be around. percents of humor is always on display, even giving her dad some grief from time to time. >> >> she has made it this far, recently credit rating has school. her dream is to attend college nearby but to get to and from school, the family needs a special van like this one. >> she can sit behind it. but >> the problem, these vehicles cost $50,000. despite working more than 50 hours a week and taking care of his daughter, david does not have the money. but this started a page to help galore and reach her goal. >> if i had a van i could go places, speaks at churches with my dad on what god has done for us, start college and go visit my friends and
4:50 am
family more often. i love to be outdoors and doing activities but it's harder for me to do without the van. my grandmother is good to be 80 this month. she has dinner at her house almost every sunday for the whole family. i would love to go over there and spend time with her and the rest of the family. we could laugh, play games and have a great time together. when i go to college i want to study social work and music. so many people have helped me through my life. i would like to do the same. one of my dreams is to start a music business for people with special needs just like me. >> what did it mean for you to see her go to college? >> i didn't think she would be here to go to college. so many people have gifts and talents. but there have been given good looks or a strong body, they can go out and do whatever they want but they don't. and she wants to. i
4:51 am
say she wants to, with the help of god and her friends and family maybe we will get there. >> here's what you can do to help out. go to her page, go fund me dot com slash lauren needs a van. he needs $50,000. she's at about 6000. she has a way to go. the people are always looking for something to do. that's what this is about. but help her get there. >> what a great story. good job. >> coming up, the cast of the new hobit movie hits the red carpet. >> and see what madonna does to surprise us this time.
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people twice her size. and that strength inspired his liquid muscle cleaner. it lifts tough dirt so you do less scrubbing. and it's nozzle stops by itself so less is wasted. sure made grandma proud. mr. clean liquid muscle. bill cosby is cutting more ties... this time with temple university. both the comedian and the philadelphia based university confirmed his resignation from the board of trustees. in a statement, cosby said it was in the universities best interest. he was on the board for more than 30-years having previously attended classes
4:55 am
there in the 60's. this comes just a week after the comedian left his position as honorary co- chair at u-mass following sexual allegations from more than a dozen women. castmembers walked the green carpet during the london premiere of "the hobbit: battle of the five armies" on monday. the movie is the final installment in peter jacksons hobbit trilogy based on the famous books.. jackson was seen giving cast martin freeman "goodbye hugs." even ian mc-kellen who plays gandalf got emotional just thinking about the end. the final film hits theaters on december 17-th. the material girl still has it... madonna appears topless in a new spread for "interview" magazine. this comes just weeks after kim kardashian attempted to break the internet with nude pictures revealing *everything the star sent out this tweet yesterday - thanking the magazine and linking the article, in which she talks to magician david blane about art, death and drugs. >> is a bet correctly, you said bustiers. that's
4:56 am
correct. >> i know my clothing. >> bustiers, work and that. >> let's look at our day. cloud cover early on but that's it. earlier you have clout cover across the region. it would friend to the north brings potential for increased pump cover early. after that we clear out. today's high 35. mark, out. today's high 35. mark, 34.
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